Rotorua Budget Advisory Service

The Rotorua Budget Advisory Service Inc is a Not-For-Profit organization that has been in existence for a very long time since about 1960 and first incorporating in 1989. It has existed in many forms and at one stage had 95 volunteer budget advisors on its books. Now it operates with minimal staff that are trained to a high degree of competency.

Our Vision is…

“For the people of the wider Rotorua community to have the knowledge and skills to successfully manage their own financial affairs.”

Our Mission…

“To successfully manage a service that provides budgeting advice, assistance and education which helps create an environment within the wider Rotorua community where people are encouraged to adopt responsible attitudes to money management.”

Our offices are located at 1247 Pukuatua Street, Rotorua. We also provide services at the Work and Income offices, on Pukuatua Street, and have been onsite there since 1990. We provide budget advice and financial mentoring services from our central locations and are currently seeking to provide the new Money Mates facilitated group discussions about money at other community based organizations within the wider Rotorua community.

What do we do…

The Rotorua Budget Advisory Service (RBAS) provides its services and support free of charge to the Rotorua community. Our services include:

  • Face to face, non-judgmental, and confidential budget advice from trained and competent budget advisers as well as building financial capability (BFC) services such as financial mentoring and facilitated group discussions about money where clients skills and knowledge is built to the point they are able to manage their own money confidently. BFC services are overseen by the newly formed National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust (NBFCCT), our quality assurance organization. Interviews take from 15 minutes to 1 ½ hours depending on the amount of detail and complexity of the client situation.
  • We can advocate on behalf of clients with power, phone and other creditor businesses where, because of our relationships with these organizations, we may be able to negotiate smoother repayment structures for debts and arrears.
  • Group education courses on budgeting and financial management techniques that are practical, and for use in everyday life.
  • Group presentations on everyday aspects of life and how using even a small number of budgeting skills and techniques makes people’s lives can be more enjoyable and experience can be enhanced.

This list is not exhaustive but shows our core roles and responsibilities. We do not provide business budgeting advice, nor do we provide services covered by other organisations such as advice on gambling problems, alcohol and substance abuse etc. However, with the client’s permission we can refer clients to organisations with expertise in these issues.

Our client base has moved in cycles throughout the years. Years ago many quite well off people came to us for advice and were able to adjust their home budgets to increase their standards of living and achieve personal goals. In recent years we have seen many clients who are not so well off seeking our services.

No matter the type of client, if you are experiencing financial difficulties at home we are best able to help if we are contacted earlier rather than later. In fact we encourage people to come in and get a ‘financial check up’ for peace of mind, much like the six monthly physical check up encouraged by doctors. It is free and only requires an hour or so of your time.

I invite you to email, phone or come into the office and make an appointment if you have the time. Most clients enjoy talking to a non-judgemental person about money and find the experience much better than they thought it would be. In fact many of our clients tell us they wish they had come in and seen us years ago and wonder why they didn’t. You will need to bring some things with you when you come in to make things easier but it is free and all you are giving up is your time.

Pakanui Tuhura


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