Money Matters – Oct 2009

I arrived back in Rotorua early on Monday 14 September, a little late after 20 minutes of wondering whether we were going to Tauranga or to Rotorua. Eventually the cloud broke through, and it turned out to be about the warmest day in ages. That very day my under floor insulation went in. It is a bit hard to tell if it has made a difference, but I swear the carpet feels softer, maybe it is all in the mind, Watch this space for the next cold snap. The very thought of all those lovely pink batts under my floor boards makes me feel better. According to the New Zealand Herald, it is the rich people who are lining up for the handout. I am not rich, but am enough of a budgeter to hope that every little helps, and if my power bills go down in the winter, and I am a bit more comfortable, it is worth the effort.
I still cannot quite come to grips with the number of people I see who still use the oven to heat the house, who cook without lids on their saucepans (what’s the matter with a plate which is dual purpose, acting as a lid and warming the plates). Some still use the oven to make toast, the purchase of a cheap toaster will pay for itself in a short space of time. Another power gobbler is the hot water. Short showers, washing clothes in cold water, filling the jug with cold water instead of hot water, and saving up the dishes for a sink full will save dollars every month. If the sight of a few dirty dishes offends you, hide them in a bucket under the sink rather than washing a dirty dish every 5 minutes. It is no worse than hiding them in a dish washer!
Happy budgeting.
by Pearl Pavitt

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