Money Matters – May 2009

I have now been a Budget Advisor for over 12 years and I can honestly say that over the years I have definitely needed budget advice on more than one occasion, but was too proud, or  too stupid to own up to it. Had I realized that budgeting is actually the skill of money management I might have been first in the queue.
Money management has a much kinder ring, and  the advisors I work with are positive and supportive in our objective of achieving  a greater understanding within the Rotorua community of the basics of money management.
Some of the problems we face on a daily basis are quite daunting, such as power disconnections, tenancy evictions, negotiating with creditors, liaising with Government departments, and, in extreme cases assisting with the preparation of applications for both Summary Instalment Orders and Non Asset Procedures.
On a very basic level, when doing your grocery shopping, look closely at the pricing. Today my twin pack of chickens cost $15.95 for 2.5 kgs as opposed to one chicken costing  $13.95 and weighing 1.5 kgs. My other triumph was super washing powder at the special price of $2.99 for 500 grams as opposed to $17.99 for 2 kgs.
by Pearl Pavitt

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